AdvancedTCA Acronyms

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Also see the PICMG Master Glossary




3G Third Generation
3GPP Third Generation Partnership Project
10GbE 10-Gigabit Ethernet
AdvancedMC Advanced Mezzanine Card
AdvancedTCA Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture
AIS Application Interface Specification
AMC Advanced Mezzanine Card
API Application Programming Interface
ASI Advanced Switching Interconnect
ATCA Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
BMC Baseboard Management Controller
CCCF Call Continuity Control Function
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
CGL Carrier Grade Linux
CGOS Carrier Grade Operating System
CO Central Office
COTS Commercial Off the Shelf
CPE Customer Premises Equipment
CU Cooling Unit
DMTF Distributed Management Task Force
DSP Digital Signal Processing
FMC Fixed Mobile Convergence
FRU Field Replaceable Unit
FTM Front Termination Module
GbE Gigabit Ethernet
HA High Availability
HLR Home Location Register
HPI Hardware Platform Interface
IMS IP Multimedia Subsystem
IP Internet Protocol
IPMB Intelligent Platform Management Bus
IPMI Intelligent Platform Management Interface
IPTV Internet Protocol Television
I-TDM Internal-Time Division Multiplexing
JSM JTAG Switch Module
JTAG Joint Test Action Group
MCH MicroTCA Carrier Hub
MCMC MicroTCA Carrier Management Controller
MicroTCA Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture
µTCA Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture
MMC Module Management Controller
MPLS Multiprotocol Label Switching
MTBF Mean Time between Failures
MTTR Mean Time to Repair
OSS Operations Support System
PICMG PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group
PEM Power Entry Module
PM Power Module
PRS Packet Routing Switch
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
QoS Quality of Service
RAID Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
RMCP Remote Management Control Protocol
RTM Rear Termination Module
RTOS Real Time Operating System
SAF Service Availability Forum
SAS Serial Attached SCSI
SIP Session Initiation Protocol
SMS System Management Specification
SPI System Packet Interface
TAP Test Access Port
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
TDM Time Division Multiplexing
TEM Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturer
UDP User Datagram Protocol
UMA Unlicensed Mobile Access
UTCA Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture
VCC Voice Call Continuity
VCM Virtual Carrier Manager
VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol
XML Extensible Markup Language