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December 2012 – January 2013
Contributing Editor Perspective
AdvancedTCA with OpenFlow Inside
Feature Articles
40G AdvancedTCA: Chairperson’s Perspective
Extending the Intel® DPDK to 40G

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October – November 2012
Contributing Editor Perspective
AdvancedTCA Reaches Out to the Medical Market
Organization Updates
RapidIO Technology Directions Announced in Asia
Feature Articles
Automation Can Simplify the Test Process
Transitioning Applications Platforms to Intel’s Latest Processors

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August – September 2012
Contributing Editor Perspective
100 Gigabit Optical Backplanes - The Next Leap
Organization Updates
2012 OpenSAF European Symposium Feature Articles
Improving Network Software Development for Today’s Advanced Processors
Using Deep Packet Inspection to Produce Application-Aware Networks
Using Virtualized Networks to Boost Telco Profitability
Using TCP Offload to Increase Network Speeds

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June – July 2012
Contributing Editor Perspective
COM Express: The Mighty Mouse Standard
Organization Updates
Upcoming High Availability Workshop
Feature Articles
Timing Fabric in a Dual-Star AdvancedTCA Carrier-Grade Switch
Testing 4G LTE Networks under Realistic Workloads
Transitioning Mobile Networks to the Latest Technologies
380V DC in the Data Center
AdvancedTCA User Interview with Nir Daube, VP Engineering, Telco Systems

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April – May 2012
Contributing Editor Perspective
Is It Time to Start Thinking about AdvancedTCA’s Successor?
Organization Updates
Fabrics Are Hot, and RapidIO Is Too!
Service Availability Textbook Now Available
AXIe Works with AdvancedTCA in Mil/Aero Applications
Feature Articles
Breaking Through AdvancedTCA I/O Bottlenecks with Sandy Bridge Processors
Using Flow Processors to Implement OpenFlow
Testing 40/100G Ethernet Efficiently
Using Embedded Firewalls

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February – March 2012
Contributing Editor Perspective
MicroTCA.4 Offers a New Cost-Performance Tradeoff
Organization Updates
OpenSAF Announces Release 4.2 of Its High Availability Middleware
Performance with RapidIO and Multiple Intel Processors
Introduction to AXIe 2.0, Part 1
Feature Articles
AdvancedTCA: Does It Have a Future?
Standardized Memory Solutions for Embedded Systems
Speeding up DSP Applications
Providing Profitable Mobile Video and Voice Services over LTE


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December 2011 – January 2012
Contributing Editor Perspective
AdvancedTCA in Next Generation Video Play
Organization Updates
RapidIO 10xN Means Higher Speeds for AdvancedTCA Systems
AXIe Early Market Segments
Feature Articles
The Future of Mobile Backhaul Is Software
Expanding the Capabilities of MicroTCA with MTCA.4
Avoiding Counterfeit Semiconductor Components
Applying Location-Based Services

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October – November 2011
Contributing Editor Perspective
Top Ten Things You Need to Know about AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA Today
Organization Updates
OpenSAF Participates in Industry Events
First AXIe Digitizers Show Breakthrough Capabilities
Feature Articles
Firewalls for Embedded Applications
Packet Processors in IP Networking Systems
Using 40G AdvancedTCA to Reduce LTE Costs
Effective Monitoring of High-Speed Networks

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August – September 2011
Organization Updates:
SA Forum Releases Specifications under New License
Developing High-Performance Memory Systems
Testing the Application-Aware Network
Getting Started with OpenSAF
DPI on AdvancedTCA Offers Network Intelligence

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June – July 2011
Organization Updates:
AdvancedTCA and AXIe – Serving Both Markets
Cloud Computing for Telecom and Real-Time Services
Cloud Outages Raise Availability Concerns
OpenSAF Announces First European Symposium
Higher Port Speeds for RapidIO
Femtocells Enable New Mobile Connectivity Options
Intelligent Traffic Management Solves Video Transport Problems
Providing Telephone Service During LTE Migration
Developing High-Performance Memory Systems

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April – May 2011
The Mobile Explosion and AdvancedTCA - The Perfect Marriage
RapidIO Generation X+1
Major Downtime Incidents Illustrate the Importance of Service Availability
SCOPE Alliance Hosts Workshop and Releases White Paper
Interview with OPENSAF President Monica Hatlen of Ericsson
Challenges of LTE-Advanced
Providing Precise Timing for Ethernet-Based Networks
Learning from the WikiLeaks Attacks
Implementing Forward Error Correction in Optical Networking
AdvancedTCA User Interview with BG Kumar, Mavenir Systems

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February – March 2011
AdvancedTCA - 10 Years of Innovation
AXIe Timing and Triggering
RapidIO Generation 2 - Part III
SCOPE Alliance Announces “Technology Advances in Carrier Grade Base Platforms” Workshop
OpenSAF: 2010 Milestones and 2011 Plans
Wireless Advances Bring New Opportunities for AdvancedTCA
Applications Drive Next-Generation AdvancedTCA Platforms
The Next Revolution in Media Processing Design
xTCA Can Handle Demanding Real World Applications
Solving the Carrier Ethernet Management Puzzle


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December 2010 – January 2011
AXIe Product Development for AdvancedTCA Vendors
SA Forum Educates Viewers about the Hardware Platform Interface (HPI)
RapidIO Generation 2 - Part II
The Best of CP-TA: 2010 Highlights
OpenSAF Conference 2011: Key Event for the High-Availability (HA) Middleware Community
Achieving High-Density Media Servers in AdvancedTCA
Developing High-Speed LTE Applications
Testing Networked Application Performance
Building an LTE Security Appliance in AdvancedTCA
AdvancedTCA User Interview with Michael Xie, Founder and CTO at Fortinet

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October 2010 – November 2010
Features: RapidIO Generation 2 – The Layered Approach
Getting Started with OpenSAF
SA Forum’s AdvancedTCA Summit Highlights
CP-TA Promotes AdvancedTCA Move to 40G Interoperability
SCOPE Alliance at AdvancedTCA Summit
AXIe and AdvancedTCA Interoperability
Using AXIe Instruments in ATCA Systems
Developing Rugged Telecom Applications with MicroTCA
Developing High Throughput Memory
RapidIO Gen2 Enables the xTCA Market Now
Thinking Outside the Drive Bay

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August 2010 – September 2010
Features: First AXIe Products Appear
SA Forum Unveils New Educational Resources
What Does the “Open” in OpenSAF Mean? 
The Importance of 40G Interoperability
SCOPE Alliance Discusses Virtualization in Cloud Computing
RapidIO Flow Control
AdvancedTCA in Medical Imaging
Increasing Scalability in MicroTCA Solutions
Gaining Visibility into 4G Networks
Delivering Granular Control for Data Offload and Traffic Shaping
RapidIO Gen2 Enables the xTCA Market Now
AdvancedTCA User Interview with Stefan Karapetkov of Polycom

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June 2010 – July 2010
Features: AXIe™ Specifications Now Available
RapidIO Gen 2 Products Are Here!
SCOPE Alliance Members Contemplate Cloud Security
xTCA Market Embraces Co-opetition
Service Availability Yields Value in Finance and Banking Sectors
Supporting OpenSAF Application Developers
Multicore Software: Key to Next Generation AdvancedTCA Systems
Developing Next Generation Wireless Basestations
On-Device Configuration Management Helps Meet New Networking Challenges
Network Processors in Telecom Applications
Improving High-Speed Optical Communications with Forward Error Correction
AdvancedTCA User Interview with Floyd Pinkney and John Gallucci of BAE Systems

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April 2010 – May 2010
Features: AXIe offers State-of-the-Art Modular Test and Measurement Platforms
AdvancedTCA Passes Muster with the Military
Celebrating 10 Years of Success with RapidIO
More Companies Recognize the Value of Standards-Based Solutions
How Cloud Computing Can Increase Telecom Business
What's New in OpenSAF
Meeting the Growing Demands for Memory in Multicore Applications
Using Mixed Signal FPGAs for xTCA Hardware Platform Management
Developing Flexible Integrated Applications Using AdvancedTCA
Enhancing Communications Testing with a Channel Simulator
Interview with Undersecretary of the Navy Robert Work

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February 2010 – March 2010
Features: SCOPE Alliance Announces “Cloud Computing in Telecom” Workshop
RapidIO Offers Many Processor Choices
CP-TA’s New Test Tools and Guidelines Encourage COTS Offerings
SA Forum Implementation Registry
OpenSAF News
AXIe for Physics
PICMG Drives an Upgrade for AdvancedTCA
Ethernet in the AdvancedTCA Environment
New Approach to High Speed, High Density AdvancedTCA Connectors
Developing Highly Efficient LTE/WiMAX Basestations
AdvancedTCA Blade Solutions Provide Seamless Migration to LTE
AdvancedTCA User Interview with Mark DelSesto, Camiant


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December 2009 – January 2010
Features: RapidIO Trade Association Defines Gen 3 Specification Update
Thermal Classes Help AdvancedTCA Developers Achieve Interoperability
SCOPE Alliance Announces Middleware Portability Project and Releases CPU Benchmarking Recommendations
OpenSAF News
There’s No Upside to Downtime
AXIe Technical Update
AdvancedTCA Poised to Penetrate LTE
Time Waits for No Man - and Surely Not in Networks
AdvancedTCA’s Big Femtocell Opportunity
Overcoming 10GBASE-T Test and Measurement Hurdles – Bring on the Streaming Video
Embedded Instrumentation Delivers Test/Validation Coverage on Intel Xeon 5500 Boards
MicroTCA User Interview with Alok Shah of Vanu

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October – November 2009
Features: OpenSAF News
CP-TA Introduces New Membership Levels, Self-Testing Program for xTCA Interoperability
Accelerating Multi-core Development
AdvancedTCA in Commercial (Non-Telecom) Applications
Software-Defined Wireless Protocol Testing: An LTE Case Study
Pre-Validated AdvancedTCA Solutions Hit the Ground Running
MicroTCA User Interview with Richard Norman, Hyperchip. (Hyperchip makes network routers)

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August – September 2009
Features:SA Forum Specifications Make Good Business Sense
SCOPE Alliance Provides Virtual Components for Upcoming Meetings
Simplifying the Build vs. Buy Decision
Interview with Mario Angelic and Jonas Arndt, Technical Co-Chairs of the OpenSAF Project
xTCA Vendors Can Get a Cut of the US Stimulus
System Reliability Depends on a Reliable Interconnect
Applying Multicores to Networking Applications
Accelerating Network Security Applications
Upgrading AdvancedTCA Processor Blades for the 4G Market
Using Solid State Drives (SSDs) in AdvancedTCA Applications

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June – July 2009
Recent CP-TA Activities
OpenSAF News
SCOPE Alliance Showcases AdvancedTCA Profiles at Work
Global RapidIO Design Summits Scheduled for Asia 2009
SA Forum Offers New Application Webcast Series
Multicore Processors Elevate xTCA Performance
Meeting Rugged Military/Defense Requirements with AdvancedTCA Systems
Getting Product Development Right: Doing More with Less
Using MicroTCA in Enterprise Applications
Packing More Punch into Smaller AdvancedTCA Horizontal EnclosuresMicroTCA User Interview with James Rankin, Catapult Communications (soon to be part of IXIA), a developer of test equipment for communication systems

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April – May 2009
SCOPE Alliance Launches New Web Site and New Documents
Recent CP-TA Activities
OpenSAF News
Service Availability Forum Expands Its Mission to Include Education
MicroTCA Makes WIN-T Muster
Need More Than 10G per Channel or Better Traffic Control?
AdvancedTCA Support of Wireless Flow-Based Routing
Developing AdvancedTCA Systems with Large Storage Requirements
Developing Cost-Effective MicroTCA Solutions
AdvancedTCA System Design and Integration for Next-Generation Networks
Interview with Joe McDevitt, PICMG Vice President of Marketing

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February – March 2009
CP-TA Activities in 2009
OpenSAF News
AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA in the Clouds
Delving Deeper into Achieving Interoperability
Paradigm Shift Drives Service Availability Solution
Open-Source Approach to High Availability Middleware
Zero Defect Software Development
AdvancedTCA: The Perfect Fit for Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
Applying Model Driven Development to Embedded Systems
Interview with Rob Davidson, former PICMG VP of Marketing