Thinking About Writing a Book?

I’m actively looking for projects on computer and communications-related topics for my Prentice-Hall series. We’re interested in a range of levels from general audience books (for non-technical professionals) through textbooks, technical monographs, and professional-level books. If you have a manuscript, a proposal, or just an idea, please contact me. Good topics in the communications area today include: AdvancedTCA, Metro Networks, Voice-over-IP, Wireless Networks, Mobile Networks, 10-Gigabit Ethernet, Triple Play Services, Video Networks, Blade Servers, Communications Software Design, Network Management, Communications Hardware Design, Storage Area Networks, Security, and High-Availability Systems.

Dr. Lance A. Leventhal
Series Editor, Programming and Software Development
Tel: +1.858.756.3327
Fax: +1.858.756.2656

I have been a series editor with Prentice-Hall for over 20 years and have written and edited books with total sales in the millions. I can give you a quick overview of what the prospects are for an idea, what a publisher such as Prentice-Hall needs to contract for a book, and what the likely schedule and returns are. I can also help you understand the underlying principles of how to write a successful book for today’s market.